XIII Annual Meeting

23rd-25th November 2022, MACC (Meeting Art Craft Center), Pisa

Please see the official website of the event for more information (in Italian): https://congressonazionaleairmm2022.it/


The annual meeting took place on the 24th-25th of November. The programme can be found here: https://congressonazionaleairmm2022.it/ProgrammaAIRMM2022.pdf

A satellite event entitled “Pulseq Course for Dummies” took place on the afternoon of the 23rd of November. The programme can be found here: https://congressonazionaleairmm2022.it/CorsoAIRMM2022.pdf



The prize was awarded to Alessandra Caporale for the study entitled “Cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen during transition from wakefulness to sleep measured with high temporal resolution OxFlow MRI with concurrent EEG” published in 2021 in the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism.


During the congress, the scientific committee evaluated all oral and e-poster presentations and awarded a prize to the 4 best oral and 4 best e-posters. The awardees are listed below:

Application BODY

Maria Luisa Parisella, “Non-invasive evaluation of complex cardiovascular anomalies in newborns using CMR 4D-flow technique without anaesthesia and contrast medium: feasibility and preliminary result with feed-and-sleep technique” (Oral)

Marta Zerunian, “ADC values whole-body MRI for multiple myeloma: a three b-value vs two b-value DWI comparison” (Poster)

Application NEURO

Matteo Ferrante, “Reconstruction of visual stimuli from fMRI through deep diffusion models” (Oral)

Giulia De Biasi, “Classification of glioma grade using quantitative susceptibility mapping and radiomics analysis” (Poster)

Biomedical Engineering, Hardware and Physics

Marta Lancione, “Multi-center and multi-vendor reproducibility of a standardized protocol for Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) of the human brain at 3T” (Oral)

Leonardo Ubaldi, “Impact of image normalization and discretization settings on the robustness and predictive value of radiomic features in glioma grade classification based on multiparametric MRI data” (Poster)

Biology and Preclinical Imaging

Edoardo Micotti, “Longitudinal, multicentric, harmonized Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) study of a murine model of Alzheimer’s disease” (Oral)

Antonio Cardamone, “Mafld Progression contributes to altered thalamus metabolism and brain structure: An MRI study” (Poster)