Call for post doc positions available at ITAB, University of Chieti and UnitE. The positions would suit physicists, engineers, neuroscientists, mathematicians, statisticians or computer scientists who are willing to investigate novel connectome-based models to predict the individual vulnerability of the brain. Salary: 28k euro/year, PNRR project EVERYONE (PI prof. Francesco de Pasquale).

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Application deadline 25/1/24-17/1/2024:;

Description: EVERYONE aims at the development of a novel connectome-based model (CBM) to predict the individual vulnerability of the brain network from MEG dynamic fingerprints. Functional and effective connectivity, obtained from an ad hoc generative model, will be related to behavior and considered to evaluate the individual vulnerability, i.e. the impact on CBM of pathological disconnections. The approach will be validated via a MEG experiment, where the identified fingerprints will be modulated with rTMS. The final model will be implemented in an open-access artificial intelligence platform, to predict individual behavior from MEG data and thus design personalized treatments.